New: Online Coding Clubs! 

We are truly excited to welcome you to the magic wonders of coding where we will develop computationally-thinking skills to problem-solving!

Each video module should be followed in ascending order (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) as later modules build on the concept introduced in the earlier ones; however, you can watch modules independently either here below or on the Coding Academy YouTube Channel Playlist.

We want to help too in this tough time by making all the video modules free (more than 150 minutes). Please help us to spread the voice: our hope is to reach out to every household and helping kids, teens, and newcomers to enjoy the wonders of problem-solving with computational thinking while having fun! Of course, more free videos are on the way so stay tuned and subscribe to the Coding Academy YouTube Channel.

Modules are also interactive! We can provide feedback on your progress and assignments through the free Seesaw app you can download from the App Store. Just book the subscription plan you like.

Breaking news: although Coding Academy originally set out to introduce problem-solving through computational thinking to kids and teens, we have specifically designed these modules to suit newcomers too: so, what you're waiting for? Let's the fun learning experience begin!

Simona Pappalardo

CEO and Founder


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