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A new Coding Academy for kids and teens in Richmond

New Online Coding Clubs for kids and all the new learners

We also want to support our society in this challenging time. 

That's why we made all our video modules free for everyone to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Let's learn a skill for life!

Available Programs

What We Teach


Coding & Robotics Club

  • Teach the foundation of programming in the Swift programming language, the de-facto standard for developing real-world iOS apps.

  • Apple reinvented how you learn to code with Swift Playground, an iPad app for getting started with fun. Swift Playground introduces students to Swift.

  • Robotics: Consolidate the understanding of STEM subjects through the exciting world of programming Sphero robots; rotate, roll, blink, loop to help your Sphero to solve a maze, win a bowling game, and more!

  • Properly tailored for primary schools.

Digital Art Club

  • Learn digital drawing techniques that help students to express their ideas and feelings.

  • An intersection of art and technology based on the Everyone Can Create curriculum from Apple, students will learn creative activities to design icons for apps, practice making line art, shapes and shading, 3D printing, how to create an animated GIF and learn techniques of speed painting with Apple Pencil on iPad devices. Broaden children digital creativity through hands-on projects.

  • Properly tailored for primary schools.

Half-Term Camps

  • Half-term camp to broaden children's computational thinking and creativity through hands-on projects.

  • Problem-solving and coding with Swift Playground. 

  • Robotics meets digital technology and coding with Sphero. 

  • Creative activities to learn digital drawing techniques, shading, 3D printing, techniques of speed painting, animated GIFs creation. 

  • All aimed at 7 to 12 year-old students. 

  • From 9am until 4pm.


Simona Pappalardo, MSc (University of Milan and Royal Holloway, University of London) 

Founder and CEO

Hi Everyone!

I am Simona, an enthusiastic and happy coder, artist & technology addicted (yes: coding - and computational thinking in general - is a form of art :-)), sport & music fan with WIP achievements, wife, and mother.

I have worked in the music, gaming, and social networking software industry across the globe (US, The Netherlands, Italy, and UK) for more than 15 years for well-established corporations (e.g., TomTom, Cheapflights, Gameloft), start-ups (e.g., Peanut), and academia (Royal Holloway, University of London) in different seniority roles, from software engineer to head of mobile and machine learning engineer, mostly on Apple platforms. I have been living and breathing Apple iOS since 2008, experiencing the evolution of its SDK, app ecosystem, and programming languages, becoming proficient in Objective-C first, and the Swift programming language, later. I have developed more than 50 apps from scratch since then and have a strong and solid understanding of the app full-lifecycle.

Computer Science (CS) has always fascinated me - so much I ended up earning a 5-year MSci in CS (110/110 cum laudae; 2003; University of Milan) and an MSc in Machine Learning (Distinction; 2017; Royal Holloway, University of London) - that I wanted to share my passion to help kids in developing computational thinking skills through coding for solving problems and realize their dreams.


I, therefore, founded the Coding Academy Kids! in 2019 and started offering coding, robotics, and digital arts after-school clubs and camps in local primary schools. I shape the offering following Apple's Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create initiatives that eventually led me to become a Certified Apple Teacher and Apple Teacher Swift Playground too. Although Coding Academy is primarily focused on introducing kids to problem-solving through computational thinking, the online videos are suitable for new learners too.

Although we are now living in a challenging time, we should not give up our kids' dreams. I have recorded all the lectures, including examples and exercises I usually deliver face-to-face and made them available for everyone to enjoy. Not only I hope this keeps your kids busy, but that also creates the possibility of spending more quality time with them while teaching computational thinking, a skill that would help them in their life, whatever journey they'll pursue.

My mission is to educate and inspire because people with passions can change the world. I’d like to help to bring out the creative genius in every kid to first become aware they can be creators rather than just consumers of information. It takes skilled and passionate teachers to fuel students’ curiosity and to guide them to their full creative potential. Am I one of those? I surely feel like one!

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Simona Pappalardo, MSc

Founder and CEO




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